• JL


  • Sergio


    Lives on the East of Ukraine. Writes about photo, Mac apps, life and etc.

  • Fedor Kurbatov

    Fedor Kurbatov

    Leadership, neuroscience and forward thinking electronic dance music.

  • Andrea Contino

    Andrea Contino

    Gamer & Geek. Scrivo di tecnologia, comunicazione e videogiochi. Talvolta di cibo, musica, cinema & serie TV. Mi trovi qui: https://gwtf.it

  • Hrvoje Budin

    Hrvoje Budin

    Web and all things digital- Digital Architect :)

  • decio


  • Nguyen Thanh Vinh

    Nguyen Thanh Vinh

  • Robert Hammen

    Robert Hammen

    IT Systems Engineer (macOS and iOS), Aerospace. Holden/Pontiac, @duranduran, Green Bay @packers fan. Spouse of @Skaared4Life. Opinions expressed are mine.

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